The Wanderer's Path: Stillness and Soul

A non-residential two day SUMMER SOLSTICE Intensive Awakenings Workshop


The Avalon Centre in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

20th - 21st June 2020 SUMMER SOLSTICE

With guided walks and meditation time at some of Glastonbury's sacred sites!

This intensive 2-day non residential Solstice workshop is…


SUMMER SOLSTICE IS A GATEWAY TO STILLNESS AND SOUL. It is a time when the Earth and Life are at their Fullest, Lightest and most abundant. Its a CELEBRATION of our Sacred inner Fire burning!

…it will meet you where you are and will gently unravel some of the inner landscapes that are not fully known, are uncertain or even ostracized.

…it will take you to a journey to some of the sacred sites in Glastonbury encountering mythical tales, meditating and of course tuning into the Movements of your Soul for deepest fulfillment and meaning.


…One is the de-identification from habitual mental processes and the unraveling and integrating of ‘me’-habitual patterns.

AND THE OTHER IS…growing into our unique Soul expression and gift in the world in support of ALL life.


SO LET’S INTEGRATE these aspects in…

Stillness, movement, music, ceremony, supportive touch, energetic conversations, breath, Nature connection, inquiry and immersion into Glastonbury’s sacred sites…

 THE CHALICE WELL…beauty, softness, quietude

THE WHITE SPRING TEMPLE..water, void, mystical

THE TOR…expansion, vastness, the Sun

THE AVALON MARSHES…animals, birds, nature, lakes, spirit


PAUSE…BE…SENSE the deep Restfulness of Stillness and LISTEN to the sound of YOUR unique SOUL EXPRESSION rising and reflected back to you in feelings, images, sounds, animals and symbols in the land and Nature!


This is the pathway of the Wanderer…

Full Curiosity and Wonder.

No fixations on the destination.

Making peace with the Personality.

A yearning to Listen to the Subtlety of the Unkown.

This is Ultimate Happiness.

 Feedback from the late February Soul Crafting workshop in Glastonbury:

“I found this retreat with Aspasia to be precious time away from the demands and worries of my life. A time for being with myself and attending to an aspect in my life; that requires my attention, in the space that Aspasia holds. I hugely valued this retreat in the very beautiful Glastonbury and I highly recommend the experience. Trust in Aspasia and of course in yourself; and you’ll find it’s time and money well spent :)”

“Thank you for your follow-up email to our amazing retreat. This has probably been the most difficult retreat for me so far,
but I’m really glad I went because I feel like it has provided the supported space I needed to look into some areas of my life
and feel some feelings that are present for me at the moment”. 


Saturday the 20th starts at 10.00am and finishes at 8.30pm with an optional walk thereafter at the top of the Tor to meditate with the sunset and celebrate the quiet Light within. Vegan Lunch is provided.
  Sunday the 21st starts at 9.30am and finishes at 7.00pm with an optional gathering for dinner at a local cafe.

There will be free time for lunch and dinner during the weekend in the plentiful cafe’s and restaurants in town. There are also many places to stay overnight in Glastonbury and surrounding areas, check on Air BnB.

We are at the Avalon Centre in town, a beautiful and cosy space within 5 minute walk from High Street.  Address: 1 King Street

Your investment is between £150 and £195 depending on your circumstances.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: If cancelled within 6 weeks of the start of date, we cannot refund any fees paid.

To reserve your place in advance or ask for more info, email Aspasia on aspasia@aspasiaawakenings.c

Join the Transformation from the Inside Out!