A unique Awakenings long weekend retreat that brings together:

Deep catalytic meditation practices,

Nature Connection,

Soul Guidance,

Free Flow Somatic Movement,

Conscious Dance practice,


Mindful vegan Cooking and Eating,


Plant Medicine

and Spiritual Nutrition

This retreat is a radical way to care for yourself that enables you to truly care for others, the world and the planet.


Aspasia Awakenings teams up with Justine’s Green Heart Kitchen to offer you a unique and Radical experience of caring for yourself through DEPTH of spiritual practice, BREATH of learning in the kitchen and FULL TRUST in your unique role to create change in your life and the world!

There is a huge urgency to Awaken, to mobilise a shift in individual and collective consciousness as we move into times of unprecedented Climate Crisis, consumerism, uncertainty, mass destruction of the Earth, inequity, extinction of species and widespread exploitation of sentient life.

In face of these challenges, if we orient our attention to listen deeply into our feelings, and touch the shared Core of our being with all beings, we re-discover the immensity of our hearts, bodies and minds and our innate inter-beingness with Gaia and all life.


How would I be and live life then?

What would it look like?

How would my life contribute to the world when aligned to that aroma of innate completeness?

This intensive Awakenings retreat is designed to facilitate transformative explorations that Radically Care for your whole being – physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Retreat Highlights:

Guided meditations that catalyse multidimensional shifts of mind, body and heart

Hands-on creating delicious nourishing plant dishes and remedies

Learning to forage

A landscape of inner and outer explorations to guide you successfully and resiliently through daily life

Mindful Cooking and Eating

Making dairy replacements

Learning about the art and practice of Spiritual Plant Nutrition

Your facilitators acting as Mirrors…

Aspasia, Host facilitator

Aspasia can energetically resonate with and support your inner explorations and attunement to your deepest Truth and Values that seek to be embodied in this world.

People find themselves dropping into their innate fuller Freedom and Illumination of what really matters and how to embody it in life, with Gaia and the World.

Aspasia has been Vegan for over 10 years and ever deepening her alignment with Gaia’s voice, the voices of the animals and our shared innate Beingness.

Aspasia run Vegan Devon for a while, a grassroots Vegan Education Project in Exeter appearing on festivals and sharing the link between human and animal liberation. She teaches Mindful Eating and Mindful Living courses, Nature Connection and Being Mindful with Animals.

Justine, Guest facilitator

Justine is a self-taught vegan chef with a passion for foraging. She loves to head out with a basket, gathering edible wild flowers, berries and leaves from the hedgerows. Creating beautiful delicious dishes & remedies from nature’s free harvest.

Living on a remote Spanish mountain, building her eco own home and then becoming a Mother inspired her to start cooking healthy food from scratch using the luscious bounty all around her. A deep joy of making clean food began.

Justine is also a self-taught costume, hat and prop maker. Creating outlandish costumes for stage & festivals. She specialises in uses second & vintage materials.

Justine has been teaching botanical food workshops, raw chocolate making, cheffing and running retreats for over 5 years. Making medicinal wild remedies that she uses in her chocolate truffles. Encouraging people to get back to the basics and make real food from scratch using only plant based ingredients.

Whether you are complete novice in the kitchen or experienced cook, Justine wants to inspire you to create beautiful healthy food at home and take joy in it!


Justine will share with you her knowledge of vegan cooking & the joy of foraging. Gathering wild food together and creating delicious dishes and remedies with Nature’s free harvest. You will begin to recognise these plants as old friends, greeting them on future walks. Suddenly the hedgerow becomes a friendly edible & medicinal landscape!

FOOD IS JUSTINE’S PASSION, she gets very excited inventing beautiful healthy botanical food. Food that everyone can eat and makes them feel great.

On this retreat we will be able to create this food together, hands on!

I want to inspire you and give you the tools to make plant based food at home. I am so happy to share my ‘Plant Power’ workshop where you will learn how to make many dairy replacements, that are so expensive to buy but actually quite easy to make home, once you know how!

I will share will you my Green Heart Kitchen recipes, many tips and the simple joy of making healthy Botanical food.
Love Justine <3

The Venue: East Down Centre on Dartmoor National Park

East Down is a spiritual and well-being retreat centre set in its own 18 acres with breathtaking views of green valleys. It is on the edge of the Dartmoor National Park, overlooking the Teign River Gorge and Dartmoor. The Centre has a deep sense of peace, tranquility and expansiveness. We are SO blessed to be here! http://eastdown.org/

Administration details


Arriving on Thursday 10th Oct between 5 and 6pm ready for a gathering meal at 6.30pm. Departing on Sunday 13th Oct from 5pm.


£375 per person, includes very comfortable shared twin accommodation, tuition, full catering, cooking workshops and a magical landscape.

  Deposit £100 non-refundable. Max 10 participants.


Email Aspasia: aspasia@aspasiaawakenings.com