Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness

In this full-day of Mindfulness we will engage in activities that invite us to experience ourselves and others with more openness and clarity. 

Mindful activities will include sitting, walking, moving, inquiry, short intervals of silence as well as listening/communicating with others.

Some of the themes we will explore will include challenging emotions and safely expressing them, sourcing our personal resilience, self-love, and connecting to something bigger.

The day explores gentle and dynamic movement, music, free flow dance expression, singing, journaling, drawing and opening the senses to Nature as integral ways to cultivate more presence, freedom and love in our lives.

We will move and create with feelings, textures, space, sensations, hopes and fears, and the whole spectrum of internal life.

A safe space is offered for creative experimentation alone and with others, so as to expand our capacity to live life in a more relaxed body that moves with life.

Focusing on the negative impact of traumatic events can be overwhelming or damaging to our mental health and well-being.

This 3-week course explores Resilience and Love as practices that can help us become stronger and thrive through challenging and traumatic events.

We will explore meditation, Loving Kindness practice, reflecting on ones trauma/challenge, communication skills, dealing with the self-critic, connecting with others & with something bigger, identifying one’s deeper purpose and setting aspirations.

Regardless of how familiar you are with art, through Mindfulness you will have an opportunity to encounter paintings, objects and space in a new way that can also benefit your mental health.

We will open our senses to and handle collections, attend to paintings and art works in the galleries, and sense colour, brush stroke, texture and composition.

We will explore the museum as a creative, supportive and meditative space for our well-being.

DRLC Dartmoor

This 3-week course is a journey into the wilderness as a way to rediscover how Nature can support our bodies, minds and spirits.

Mindfulness in Nature is a path to self-discovery and a meditation practice that can re-orient our lives to more expansiveness, fulfilment and deeper love.

We will listen to the soothing sounds of the river and the sea, sit in the stillness of trees and immerse ourselves in short intervals of Silence.