I have been in an interesting contemplation about old life/old consciousness ‘ breaking down’, so that new realities can come in. Very potent as the New Year  is here! 
Im sure you have your own experiences of outdated realities deconstructing and breaking down…
Habitual patterns that don’t serve anymore but used to
Belief systems that we have held dear but are now outdated
Emotional energies that need unblocking 
Illness, Sickness and the body breaking down
Cars breaking down, so the external reflecting the internal!
Moving houses, de cluttering, carrying less
Conscious Reevaluation/breaking down of relationships to reveal ones authentic soul path
Of course  when we feel our life is breaking down, relationships breaking down, resources breaking down, or WE are breaking down!! its very scary, fills us with uncertainty and worry. Normal, totally normal. 
Did you know that Old realities simultaneously function 1) as protective mechanisms holding us captive in old SAFE but limiting patterns AND 2) as signposts that alert us to the necessity of dedicating our attention and time in unpacking these patterns, liberating the energy stuck, healing the physical body and expanding our comfort zones ???
Yep! There is always two sides of the same coin! And its awesome!
When fear and anxiety start rising remind yourself of this mantra that I hold very dear: 
“LET GO TO LET IN”…The invitation here is to Feel the Fear at YOUR OWN PACE and Be/Uncover the Soul! This is because old realities need to break down, ultimately, so that deeper levels of Resilience can arise AND Resources!
I call the path of ‘letting go to let in’:
The path of the Wanderer…
 and SOUL CRAFTING is an unfolding practice that weaves together:
a) resting in our natural space oinner quiet, peace and wholeness 
b) discovering our unique purpose and meaning in the world that brings fulfillment within and creates beneficial change in the world. 
I Love how Sting sings this truth in this lovely song: Let your Soul Guide you!!
Check it out below.
And If Soul Crafting makes sense to you and you feel your heart stirring, then Im holding a non-residential weekend retreat/workshop on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2020 in Glastonbury.  It will be an honor to host you.
Check the Retreats and Workshops page.
Warmest and Soulfulest wishes <3

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