"Everything Flows...

…and nothing stays still […] Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers”  – Heraclitus.

I’ve always been inspired and challenged by the magic of Movement, the certainty of Impermanence and the power of Transmutation.

All moves: inner and outer. Emotions, Breath, Blood, Cells, Mental content, Energy, Life, the Earth, the World and the Cosmos.  An eternal evolutionary dance of Transformation and Integration.

Can we meet this Dance with absolutely no need to solve, fix, deny, transcend or own it?

The Moving Body is Living Presence ...

…it is a portal through which to explore the inner and outer Dance and awaken to a spacious, centered presence.

Free Flow Movement catalyses:

Effective and Empowering Emotional Expression

Inspiration and Creativity

Shifts in Perception

Sense of Harmony in life

Deep relaxation into the sensual self

Awakenings Free Flow Movement near Exeter in Devon – see Calendar for dates and location.

A monthly 2-hour  – 10.00am – 12pm – Movement Workshop that consists of: 

Pilates Body Flow
Free Style Conscious Dance Movement
Rest Meditation in Silence
All modalities promote the integration of a person’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
The Pilates Body Flow – which is not the traditional Pilates but its Evolution – is a dynamic conscious movement-based process set to a series of structured sequences of movement, breath and awareness. Because of its holistic platform, it promotes a functional, multidimensional moving body, with muscles that are supple, strong and mobile.  The key word here is Balance.

The Free Style conscious dance aspect is a dynamic conscious movement-based process, which is set to world music. It combines predominantly freestyle elements (incl breath) with inspiring music and sound.

Rest Meditation in Silence encourages relaxed, open attention. According to Rupert Spira:

“During our lives a network of tensions and contractions have been laid down in the body in this way, arising from our interactions with people, situations and circumstances. Long after their apparent cause has been resolved and forgotten, this network remains alive as a sort of memory or echo in the body, laid down, layer upon layer…

Meditation – the way we will practice it – is a  deep exploration of the body, during which these residues of tension and contraction are explored and allowed to relax”.

With Nature, on the mat, on Open Floor...

…in daily life.

We step through the portals of Free Flow Presence in Movement when in communion with Nature, on the mat through ‘just movement and on the open dance floor alone, with others and with the spaciousness of the Engaged Witness.  

Emotions are left to Flow in their unique expression within the ever-present container of Awareness.

Freedom and Harmony are Recognised and a natural upsurge of CREATIVITY, ALIVENESS, AND STILLNESS in Movement arise.

Free Flow Movement is interwoven in the fabric of all my courses, workshops and retreats.

Awakenings Dance Meditation Space weekly @ The Goddess Hall in Glastonbury, 7pm-9.30pm

Soul guided.
Heart and body opening.
Trauma unwinding.
Embraced in deep Stillness.
Held in Silence.
A Somatic Prayer.
Closing Silent Meditation Circle from 9-9.30pm.
Email me for more info 🙂

I used to run weekly Pilates Body Free Flow Classes in Exeter and the surrounding areas.

Now, I have incorporated these session into the 2-hour Free Flow Movement Monthly Workshops in Devon – see calendar for dates and location.

Contact me for more info.