The Wanderer’s Path: Stillness and Soul

After an amazing ‘Soul Crafting Retreat’ in late February 2020, so amazing that I forgot to take any photos (!) – such was the immersion! – we are back in the sacred land of Glastonbury during the SUMMER SOLSTICE with The Wanderer’s Path, a non-residential intensive that offers an elaborate inner and outer landscape for YOU to RECOGNISE innate/ever present Stillness and the unique movements of the Presence of Soul.

New Year ‘Resolutions’ and the way to true Change

The New Year is here, 2020, and January has always been the month of setting goals and making a list of ‘New Year’s Resolutions!    Quit smokingEat HealthierStart this new project that I have been procrastinatingGo on a dietMeditate more and be more disciplinedSpend less money, save moreTry harder or try lessAnd the list goes on! … Read more

The Emergence of Strength Through Struggle – A series of 4 articles. Part 2, The Habitual Blaming Pattern (Inner Critic)

We typically talk about the Inner Critic or the Self-critical voice or the Self-judgemental attitude to refer to what I am here describing as The Habitual Blaming Pattern (HBT). I refer to the HBT as an ‘unfolding process’ and not a voice or an entity, although that’s how we may experience it very often.