New Year ‘Resolutions’ and the way to true Change

The New Year is here, 2020, and January has always been the month of setting goals and making a list of ‘New Year’s Resolutions!    Quit smokingEat HealthierStart this new project that I have been procrastinatingGo on a dietMeditate more and be more disciplinedSpend less money, save moreTry harder or try lessAnd the list goes on! … Read more

Letting Go of the Old to Let in the New

I have been in an interesting contemplation about old life/old consciousness ‘ breaking down’, so that new realities can come in. Very potent as the New Year  is here!    Im sure you have your own experiences of outdated realities deconstructing and breaking down…   Habitual patterns that don’t serve anymore but used to   Belief systems that … Read more