Animals in Our Lives Catalysing ‘Evolution’

This is an invitation for inquiry into your animal spirit guides in your life. From the Robin in your garden to the Snail in your plot. From the Lioness in the Savannas to the spider in your barn. From the dog you are the guardian of to the seagull roaming the skies. From the Cow confined in a field to the hen rescued from exploitation.

This is my very recent story that sparked this inquiry…


A few days ago I held the space for my beloved boy cat called Matty to pass on. He had been suffering from kidney failure and urine infection and his beautiful black body had become so scrawny. I hadn’t seen him for a few years since my break up from Dave, my ex partner. After separating, Matty asked to stay with Dave and China, my female tabby soulmate cat, came with me.

I got a phone call from Dave asking me to come and see Matty because “he will not be with us for long, may be a couple of days or so the vet said”. As soon as I heard this I burst into tears. Then I started frantically packing my bag. And then something inside paused. It was a pull hard to resist. The pull allowed an opening, which flooded my head with images and sensibilities of what I am called to be and do right now – for Matty. I was called to hold space for him to make the transition as smoothly as possible considering his illness and Dave’s attachment to keeping him alive. 

I walked into the living room where Matty sits on the arm chair, he is very tensed, looks stressed and in pain. I feel him in every single cell of my body. Memories of the strong bond we had together flooded into my mind and heart. Like all the times he persistently drew my attention away from working on the computer, miaouing, asking me to come out to play with him or when he put his paw on my face while lying in bed and purring his affection to me.

This time he was distant…I sat down to feel the space…it was cold and dense… I put some Zen meditation music on, burnt incense and laid two crystals I felt to bring with me next to him. He got interested in one of them that had a heart shape. His body and eyes started softening. I sat close in meditation. He didn’t want me to be so close, he walked away and sat on another chair. I approached him again to sit closer – he again moved away. I felt like pausing and feeling deeper in meditation, keeping the distance as he wanted. Then, the question arose from inside the depths of my intuitive being: “Why did you leave??”. It was Matty asking me…With tears in my eyes I said that I had to and I was so devastated to had parted from him and that I adored him every moment of every day. A softening happened right there for him and for me too.I approached him and sat close in meditation. He relaxed and lied down on the arm chair with a newfound comfort, softness and openness. His eyes closed in meditation.

After a while and from a deep sense of stillness that at the same time enveloped the heartbreak I was feeling, I asked the question: “Are you ready to leave??” The sense and the sign was a clear “Yes” as Matty moved the tip of his tail in a shaky mode. He was ready and wanted to leave.

Later in the day, his passing on at home in sacred ceremony with a lethal injection (assisted passage) was smooth, quick and peaceful…

Rosemary Maidwell-Dodd, a spiritual author and teacher in her own right, has described how animal souls move on to more refined levels of Devic existence. The reading of her book The Lost Mother Ray, is fascinating. Soon after death an animal’s soul wanders on the animal planes of etheric existence close to the earthly planes. Guardians often can feel and see their animals around them for days and months after the animal’s death.

Three days ago and before I went to bed for the night, I asked Matty to come and see me. That very night, Matty did come in my dream. I felt him lying on my feet at the bottom of the bed. His black body warming up my feet, my feet warming up his body. I reached out to stroke him – in my dream, which felt totally real. I felt Love.


Matty (and China) came into my life about 8 years ago and catalysed a HUGE transition of beingness in me. I learnt about disconnection & deep soulful connection; true love and attachment; communion with Spirit and firm groundness; and true compassion and joy in the smallest of things.

I also opened to a world of magical earthiness in the eyes of a black cat dying…with me.



2 thoughts on “Animals in our Lives Catalysing ‘Evolution’

  1. I am sure Matty is still about with you. I know my last dog Mutley was hanging around me for a while because I used to hear his collar jangling in the wind. Always right by the ice cream van where they used to give him free ice creams. No coincidence there, I don’t believe in coincidences anyway. Cats are so flipping wise, they just know, the way they look at you. There’s one next door to me called Toby and he just sits on my steps and stairs at me dog, Socks, giving her that superior look you know the way only cats can do. Dogs are so stupid compared to cats. Like you I love animals and I was vegan for a long time but I lapsed on butter and now veggie but only tiny bit of dairy. Want to go to just plant based again. Maybe at the retreat can start that. I was an animal rights activist for many years. I can’t stomach the abuse in factory farms and vivisection and all that disgusting torture it makes me so bloody angry. Personally for me all souls are equal, animal and human.

    • What a wonderful story about Mutley, Cally – thank you for enriching this article with your comment. Oh yes, there are no coincidences, its all part of a bigger perspective of Flow towards deeper realisation and actualisation! Makes me smile to see the image of Mutley being around you.

      Ha ha, yes, cats are interesting creatures indeed! I live with one 🙂

      Yes, often people are seduced, if you like, by dairy (butter included) because of the ‘comforting/addictive effect’ (dairy contains opiates because the milk designed for the baby calf has them to comfort the baby and keep encouraging him/her to return for his/her mother’s milk – otherwise the calf wouldnt survive! Its Nature!).

      There are now alternatives to dairy that we can find comfort in if we choose to comfort ourselves and indeed, often we may want to and thats ok. I particularly like the cheese Violife and Rice Milk. Butter is not my thing, but there are some very nice ones I tried in the past like Pure. I prefer nut butters myself, like almond and peanut. 🙂

      Cally, very much looking forwards to hosting you at the retreat in April and yes, lets fully align with our deepest Truth and Values – I will be honoured to hold the space for you to strengthen your commitment as you articulated it here: to the Love for all beings.

      And of course, it is also a commitment – and I know not many people are aware… – to your own freedom of consciousness and health. What we consume becomes us – literally! The vibrations of depression, hopelessness, anger, terror and fear seep into our bodies, minds and hearts – they are becoming the vibration of our cells. There is scientific research supporting the process within Epigenetics.

      So, yes, lets do this Cally! <3 x

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