About Aspasia

…to a persistent call arising from deep within you and amidst the messiness of life.

It is a call that you cannot deny and when you clearly hear it, you know that your Attention is longing to offer itself to IT

You have realised that every struggle and all the suffering you are experiencing serves as signpost towards deeper integration, maturity and the collapse of separation

…I hear the call a lot, it invites me to STOP seeking, to STOP wanting anything and allow the flow of everything.

Allow Soul and Honor & Hold thoughts, feelings, body, the whole Universe with Soft Awareness. It asks for Simplicity, for Curiosity and Engagement with the Paradox of Being Human. For me, this is the path of the Heartfull Wanderer.

…at times we think we are all ‘bad’ and ‘dark’ cutting ourselves off from our innate sense of vibrancy and aliveness.  Other times we think we are all ‘good’ and ‘light’ denying the liberating potential of ‘the unwanted’ inner  landscapes.

We fixate and we hold these fixations in tension…And we suffer… we experience inner & outer conflict, separation and disconnection.

This is the ‘Crisis of being’…AND its not a mistake BUT AN OPPORTUNITY!

I am repeatedly invited to deeply accept and explore the Human Paradox, to walk into the Crisis of Being when it presents itself…and when I do, it feels like a knot of identity is untied, it unravels and the energy liberated allows a falling deeper into the Unknown – it feels Peaceful and sometimes it can feel Frightening

…began in earnest in the depths of Depression I experienced for quite a few years and since I was a teenager.

I asked questions seeking to understand WHAT IS REAL and WHAT IS ‘WORTHWHILE’ in life.

I experienced great suffering as a partner, a daughter, an academic and also an activist passionate about the liberation of animals. 

I sought for answers and committed myself first to Buddhist meditation practice and then to other approaches…and I tried harder and harder to ‘get there’, all the while and ever so subtly (spiritually!) resisting ‘what was here’.

…NATURE…you are…arising and passing…come closer…

…through the creative design and delivery of full-body intensive weekend immersions that offer conditions for inner and outer exploration.

… through the development and delivery of unique Mindfulness courses as a certified Mindfulness teacher for the NHS mental health sector. See some bio details here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aspasia-leledaki-68131761/

…through academic study about the transformative processes of being in Nature and of modern yoga and meditation practices. See details here: https://ulincoln.academia.edu/AspasiaLeledaki

…of Stopping-Opening-Expressing.

Of Loving the truth of my immediate experience – all experience – in every moment.

Of consciously grieving Gaia’s destruction and skillfully responding to the call for action.

I have repeatedly failed to ‘get there’, that ever distant spiritual somewhere! And that failing has been the success of revealing little by little the Heart & expression of the Flow of All Life.

…my most radical teachers have been the Animals and my cat China

…My native language is Greek

…I love alone meditative time in Nature

…as a teenager I wanted to be an astronomer. Carl Sagan was my avatar