About Aspasia

…about deeper self-realisation, true healing and  discovering the Light’ of Freedom through the ‘Darkness’ of the Unconscious landscape.

You are curious and seeking for answers.

You feel there is more to life and want to feel it.

You are tired of suffering and long for a more harmonious life.



…and I’m here for you as a fellow wanderer and a spiritual friend to share what has ‘worked’ for me in re-discovering a more expanded view of human life and an ever-growing felt sense of liberation that serves all beings and life.

…at times we think we are all ‘bad’ and ‘dark’ cutting ourselves off from our innate sense of vibrancy and aliveness.  Other times we think we are all ‘good’ and ‘light’ denying the liberating potential of ‘the unwanted’ inner  landscapes.

We fixate and we hold these fixations in tension…And we suffer… we experience inner & outer conflict, separation and disconnection.

This is the ‘Crisis of being’…

By deeply accepting and  exploring the Human Paradox, the Crisis is resolved and ‘our’ consciousness naturally orients itself towards Centered Presence, Stability and more Liberating Potential.

…began because I was experiencing intense conflict in me, within my family & my immediate environment and in my world.

I would ask questions…seeking to understand WHAT IS REAL and WHAT IS ‘WORTHWHILE’ in life.

I have experienced great suffering as a teenager, a partner, a daughter, an academic and an activist passionate about the liberation of animals. 

I initially engaged in Buddhist meditation practice and study as a way to find more peace, who I am’ and a way to soothe the pain of sadness that I was feeling.

My commitment to seeing myself and my life clearly, so as more freedom to arise, invited people and practices in my field that opened up more of the innate potential for FEELING AND EXPRESSING IN AUTHENTICITY, HEART-FULLNESS AND WHOLENESS.

… that have supported me in my own evolutionary dance, and I offer as an integrated approach to self/Self exploration include:

VIPASSANA MEDITATION, OPENHAND, ADYASHANTI, JOANNA MACY, SOMATIC EXPERIENCING, FOCUSING, CONSCIOUS DANCE & BODY METHODS, ART FORMS, NATURE my greatest teacher, and of course an ever-deepening INTUITION – an inner guidance in tune with the song of the Universal Flow.

… through the development and delivery of unique Mindfulness courses as a certified Mindfulness teacher for the NHS mental health sector. See some bio details here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aspasia-leledaki-68131761/

…through the creative design and delivery of full-body intensive weekend immersions that activate Kundalini and energy movement.

…through academic study about the transformative processes of being in Nature and of modern yoga and meditation practices. See details here: https://ulincoln.academia.edu/AspasiaLeledaki

…of Opening-Expressing. Of Loving the truth of my immediate experience – all experience – in each moment.

THIS experience – no matter how conditioned it is – is connected to a deeper essential truth – the Absolute Truth –  that can arise naturally any moment.

I have learnt that having commitment AND GENTLENESS to allow the unconscious to open up acts as a portal to more alignment with my deepest Truth and Love, more Trusting Stability amidst ego-life’s storms and a gradual waking up from the grip of ego-consciousness.

…my most radical teachers have been the Animals and my cat China

…My native language is Greek

…I love alone meditative time in Nature

…as a teenager I wanted to be an astronomer. Carl Sagan was my avatar