A Fully Embodied Inquiry...

…that activates, unravels and unwinds egocentric consciousness.

Aspasia Awakenings offers an alchemy of somatic modalities that access the orbits of our Core and illuminate our innate intuitive wisdom and compassion  on all levels – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic.

With 20+ years of commitment to inquiry, practice and conscious embodied expression, I have a vision to co-create a world that remembers and uncovers deeper Freedom, Love and Interconnectivity.

Welcome to Aspasia Awakenings...

…an open space for all souls with a yearning for Truth and Freedom.

I’m Aspasia, a fellow wanderer who expresses Truth and Love through this body, mind & heart and acts as a mirror to remember your own unique expression.

I extend an open invitation to pause, to look within, to inquire, to feel and to attune to what is really true and liberating in every moment. 

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Aspasia Awakenings 1-day Intensive Workshop, North Devon, 30th June 2018


Aspasia Awakenings 1-day Intensive Workshop, North Devon, 30th June 2018

Roger and Pete

Aspasia Awakenings 1-day Intensive Workshop, North Devon, 30th June 2018

Articles to dive into ...

The Emergence of Strength through Struggle – A series of 4 articles. Part 1, Vulnerability

Recently, I finished a Mindfulness-based course on Turning Struggle into Strength where a map was co-created with the group and my support co-tutor exploring the process of Emergence of Strength through Struggle. The purpose of this map was a) to support people in integrating ‘hard’/’challenging’ experiences into their lives and b) to offer the perspective that ‘Struggle’ is an opportunity to hone one’s Soul – that deep sense of fullness of aligned expression – which I call Wholeheartfulness.

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Animals in our Lives Catalysing ‘Evolution’

This is an invitation for inquiry into your animal spirit guides in your life. From the Robin in your garden to the Snail in your plot. From the Lioness in the Savannas to the spider in your barn. From the dog you are the guardian of to the seagull roaming the skies. From the Cow confined in a field to the hen rescued from exploitation.

This is my very recent story that sparked this inquiry…

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