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…are somatic systems of exploration that activate and support you on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic. They are interdependent, interacting modalities that activate your innate Natural rhythms. You unlearn often unconscious self processes that do not allow Nature to unfold as you.

When Nature’s rhythms are expressing in you uninhibitedly, anything that is outdated or ‘doesn’t belong anymore’ falls away. This is often a very physical, emotional, mental and spiritual process.

Loving Stillness embodies stronger and deeper rippling out into the World and changing it, transforming it into interdependent systems of true togetherness and unique sovereignty. For the benefit of ALL Beings.


Creating what I want to see...


…This website is a spontaneous creative expression of a vision and a calling: ‘Waking up to our innate Loving Stillness, and to embody it in its myriad manifestations’

The visual design of the site takes you on a journey into all those colorful manifestations that uniquely express my essence, and invites you to explore your own.

The name, :Aspasia :Awakenings. is the aroma of my presence in the world. Aspasia is my Greek birth name and a reminder of my contribution to this world. Awakenings describes the endless personal and collective revelations towards the full embodiment of Loving Stillness.

I am a fellow wanderer. I have come to realise that I am never lost but always exploring. I share my awakenings, explorations and findings with you as a landscape of inquiry, which is always evolving.

Welcome Friends. I’m with you.

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1-day Intensive Workshop, North Devon, June 2018

1-day Intensive Workshop, North Devon, June 2018

Journal Readings...

The Emergence of Strength through Struggle – A series of 4 articles. Part 1, Vulnerability

Recently, I finished a Mindfulness-based course on Turning Struggle into Strength where a map was co-created with the group and my support co-tutor exploring the process of Emergence of Strength through Struggle. The purpose of this map was a) to support people in integrating ‘hard’/’challenging’ experiences into their lives and b) to offer the perspective that ‘Struggle’ is an opportunity to hone one’s Soul – that deep sense of fullness of aligned expression – which I call Wholeheartfulness.

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Animals in our Lives Catalysing ‘Evolution’

This is an invitation for inquiry into your animal spirit guides in your life. From the Robin in your garden to the Snail in your plot. From the Lioness in the Savannas to the spider in your barn. From the dog you are the guardian of to the seagull roaming the skies. From the Cow confined in a field to the hen rescued from exploitation.

This is my very recent story that sparked this inquiry…

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